The Daylily Trail (cont): Piney Creek Gardens

In our last post we gave a brief insight to some of our stops along the “Daylily Trail”.  I imagine that this will be a post that we come back to time and time again to add new and exciting adventures and experiences to.  Now, let me tell you about a little place called Piney Creek Gardens.  

img_1625-1We had the immense pleasure of meeting a lovely lady by the name of, Sharon Brown. She runs a lovely garden called, Piney Creek Gardens, in Broxton Ga.  Imagine a garden, set among the privacy of acres upon acres of pine trees.  As you travel down a short dirt road you wonder what awaits you and all in a second it opens into a haven of pure peaceful bliss.  She lives in a rustic home placed amongst the trees that just seems to have grown there along with the rest of the natural landscape.  With a big ol’ wrap around porch with a front porch swing that you can rock all your blues away on.  It’s every southern gardeners favorite country song come to life.  In the front of the big swing is a huge Koi pond (aquatic pond/water garden) where the sounds of bubbling water just soothe the soul.  Now you see why I say you could swing all day with a true friend and say nothing at all.  Just listening to the sounds of nature.  As a quote from my oldest daughter Kelley said, “We’d sit in the sweet southern Georgia heat with some sweet tea, away from the world, and listen to all the flowers bloom.”

Off from the front of the house are her chicken coops.  Sharon has a lot of chickens.  Now, these aren’t just any chickens, these are her children and each and everyone has a name.  I could never remember them all, but “brother” stuck in my mind.  She also has a pet bird named “Baby Bird”.  Baby bird loves cookie dough.  This bird goes everywhere with her.  She even takes it to bed under the covers if it gets wet or cold.

Then there is the cook house.  Lots of cooking and good eating goes on here.  As you might imagine, there’s plenty of talk about daylilies among friends and… well… there’s a lot more that happens here, but thats another blog post entirely, LOL.

Then the entire area opens up into daylily bed upon daylily bed.  Sharon is one of the AHS Display gardens and if there was ever a garden to put on your list, this is it.  Everyone who considers themselves true daylily enthusiest needs to visit at least once.

I know I say this a lot, but it is so true!  Folks there is nothing like a Daylily friend.  They are your friend for life.  This lady is a “true” friend like no other.  She goes out of her way to help folks.  She helps in their gardens; digging, pulling weeds, planting, washing, tagging, whatever they may need help with.  She takes food to folks who are sick or having a hard time.  She checks in on you to see how your day is going or just to say hi or good night.  She keeps you abreast if something has happened to some of our friends and much more.  We get much needed advice that we are so thankful for.  She is not a busy body, because she will always ask, “Do you want my advice or my opinion?”  And of course, WE DO!

I hope you’ve enjoyed a moment into our lives, and getting to know our friend Sharon Brown.  Enjoy the pictures.

Till next time….


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