Blowing Pinwheels

$80 DF
Blowing Pinwheels (16-631A) DIP 28″ 6″ 7 way branching 40 buds EM RE SEV
FOWLER-K (Green Eyed Envy x Blue and White Flycatcher)
Lime green throat extends onto a patterned, pansy shaped face.  Purple and mulberry eye with lime green sepals with light mulberry tips lined in white.

Blushing Debutant - Copy

$70 DF
Blushing Debutant (16-578) DIP 34″ 7.5″ 5 way branching 24 bud M RE SEV
FOWLER-K (Doris and David x Tavares Lemon Lime)
Light lemon blend, large green throat that extends onto the eye which is surrounded by light pink blush halo.  Light lemon sepals with a pink blush on the outer edges.

Butterscotch Brittle - Copy - Copy - Copy - Copy

$65 DF
Butterscotch Brittle (16-827) DIP 28″ 7.5″ 3 way branching 18 buds M RE SEV
FOWLER-K (Above All Others x It’s A Whopper)
Butterscotch self with a yellow to green throat.  Very large flower.  Shines in the garden.

Catchin Fireflies - Copy

$60 DF
Catching Fireflies (16-756) TET 27″ 7″ 6 way branching 23 buds EM RE EV
FOWLER-K (Rachel Leigh Bell x Queen of Green)
Light peach petals with a rose band surrounding a large green throat.  White star midribs extend from the center.  The cream and rose ruffled petals, peach sepals with a light blush pink and rose band extending out onto the sepals also.

Greensicle - Copy

$75 DF
Greensicle (16-966) DIP 30″ 6.5″ 4 way branching 21 buds EM RE SEV
FOWLER-K (Green Eyed Envy x Rose F. Kennedy)
Lemon Self with a large deep green throat which extends out onto the petals and sepals.  Edges are slightly ruffled.

Hide and Seek Summer - Copy

$40 DF
Hide and Seek Summer (16-681) TET 28″ 5.5″ 3 way branching 15 buds EM RE SEV
FOWLER-K (Patsy Cline x Metallic Apparition)
Tropical hues of orange and mango with a bright red orange eye.  Edges are slightly ruffled with deeper orange and a throat of green.

Jump Back

$70 DF
Jump Back (16-711)TET 26″ 8″ 3 way branching 15 buds EM RE EV
FOWLER-B (Waves of Joy x Venetian Pools)
Pale pink with a multishaded mulberry eye kaleidoscoping out onto petals and sepals.  Wine picotee on petals and a key lime green throat.  The stamens are a striking key lime green to deep mulberry.

One Eyed Dragon

$70 DF
One Eyed Dragon (16-628A) TET 30″ 7.25″ 3 way branching 15 buds EM RE SEV
FOWLER-B (Delaney’s Rainbow x Seedline)
Light mauve reverse bitone with mauve sepals with lighter to darker shades of burgundy radiating out from lime green eyezone.  A burgundy picotee on the petals.  The stamens are lime green and burgendy which it highlight the center of the flower.


$70 DF
Talquin’s Broken Arrow (16-593) TET 32″ 7″ 4 way branching 16 buds EM RE EV
FOWLER-B (Delany’s Rainbow x Ventian Pools)
Mauve orchid with a lime green throat extending out onto the sepals.  Pattern of huckleberry and white arrows extends from the throat outwards on both the petals and sepals.  The pattern carries over onto the sepals.  A white star radiates from the center out to the tips of the petals.  A huckleberry picotee trims the sepals.

Talquin's Button and Bows

$65 DF
Talquin’s Buttons and Bows (16-754) DIP 33″ 7.25″ 4 way branching 22 bud EM SEV
Purple petals with cream midribs, cream sepals with purple tips.  Whitewashed eye and a beautiful lime green throat.  Stamens are green, cream and wine.

Talquin's Falling Star

$40 DF
Talquin’s Falling Star (16-607) TET 30″ 6″ 5 way branching 18 buds M RE SEV
FOWLER-B (Dragonfly Dawn x TET Green Eyed Envy)
Light lemon with hues of light peach blending on the petals and sepals.  Edges are lightly ruffled on petals with shades of peach and lemon.

Talquin's Morning Moonlight

$50 DF
Talquin’s Morning Moonlight (16-949) DIP 32″ 7″ 4 way branching 15 bud M RE SEV
FOWLER-K (It’s A Whooper x Rose F. Kennedy)
Rose pink with lime green which extends from the throat onto the petals and sepals.  White midrigs extend out from the center on the petals.

Talquin's Summer Memories

$50 DF
Talquin’s Summer Memories (16-565) TET 27″ 6.75″  6 way branching 23 buds MLA RE EV–FOWLER-K (Pink and to the Point x Ginormous)
Pale peach petals and sepals with a large rose pink banded eye with yellow to lime green throat.  White midribs extending from the center and petal are trimed in rose pink.

The Cat's out the Bag

$55 DF
The Cat’s out the Bag (16-771) DIP 27″ 4.5″ 3 way branching 16 buds EM RE SEV
FOWLER-K (Rosabelle Van Valkenburgh x Hard to Believe)
Purple petals and sepals with deep veining.  Lavender eye with rings of dark purple radiating outwards with white star extending out on the petals from a lime green throat.

the judge (2)

$75 DF
The Judge (16-953) TET 32″ 8″ 4 way branching 20 buds EM RE SEV
FOWLER-B (Max Factor x TET Green Eyed Envy)
A rich Sangria bitone with lighter wine sepals, a whitewashed eye and green throat whi extends out onto the petals and sepals.  Trimmed with light lemon and white picotee.  Very large flower.