“PAINTED CANVAS” $45 || (Fow 9-25) Fowler-B   TET. 7” bloom 32” scape SEV R 3 way branching 20 bud count.  Shades of coral darkens as it moves into the chartreuse throat.  Fine teeth surround the slightly ruffled edge ending w/thread of yellow. (Tavares Special Effect x Seedling)

“PINK COMPLEXION” $60 || (Fow 8-26) Fowler-B   TET. 6.5” bloom 28” scape SEV R 4 way branching 18 bud count.  Soft shades of pink, chartreuse eye with ruffled edge of chartreuse teeth.  Coating of diamond dust. (Princess Diana x Beautiful Regina)

“PINK LEMONADE SUMMER” $40 || (Fow 8-42) Fowler-B   TET. 5.5” bloom 32” scape 3-way branching 20 bud count.  SEV. R. (continuous blooming) Light pink sepals, darker pink petals lightly ruffled with a line of gold edging.  Chartreuse throat. (Beautiful Regina x True Pink Beauty)

“DARK STORM COMING” $65 || (Fow 9-314) Fowler-B   TET. 5” bloom 26” scape SEV. R M. 3-way branching, 15 bud count.  Dark Wine-Red eye and edge on peach cream petals and sepals.  Radiating throat of green.  (Simple Leaves Me Breathless x Bold Presence)

“NATURE’S SIMPLICITY” $45 || (Fow 9-114) Fowler-B   TET. 6” bloom 32” scape EV R EM-L 3-way branching, 18 buds.  Rose colored pink and ruffled edge. Heavy and thick veining with green throat. (Pink Overload x Rossen’s Tiara)

“TALQUIN’S DAWN’S EARLY LIGHT” $50 || (Fow 8-72) Fowler-B   TET. 6” bloom 25” scape EV. R. ML 3-way branching 15 buds.  Dark Purple, with a large white washed eye, with star shaped green throat.  Edged with a thread of silver. (Tavares Fuchsia Fantasy x Purple Seduction)