‘Peaches N Creme Fraiche’ (17-238-kf) DIP EV M 32″ 4.5″ 4 way branching 25 bud RE. double 60% Extended blooming. (Grape Kool-Aid x Little Castaway) Peach with tropical coral center and green throat.

$35 DF
‘Talquin’s Almost There’ (17-289A-kf) DIP EM EV 49″ 6.5″ 6 way branching 44 buds extended blooming. (Shifting Sky x Unknown) Butter cream with mahogany rose band. BEST PLANT HABITS to date. This will make anyone a Great bridge plant. This flower is so tall you can see it from anywhere in the garden. The scape is strong and stands straight even after a rain or wind storm. VERY VERY fertile. So many pods were collected from this plant I lost count. Hoping to pull in it’s plant habit with a prettier bloom.

$75 DF
‘OJO de CIELO’ (16-671-kf) DIP EM RE EV 38″ 4.5″ 4 TO 5 way branching 21 buds (Imaginary Numbers x Doris and David) Very large green throat which extends onto the sepals. Petals have a blue purple and fuchsia eye with tips of cream. The sepals are slender and end wider.


$70 DF
‘Talquin’s Country Girl’ (16-864A2-kf) TET EM SEV 27″ 5″ 4 way branching 17 buds (Country Waltz x Thomas Tew) Light tan with bold midnight black eye and edge, lime green throat. The lime green to yellow stamens make the center pop.

$75 DF
‘Southern Home’ (16-679-bf) TET M RE SEV 28″ 7″ 3 way branching 19 buds (Jammin’s Kaleidoscope Jewel x Venetian Pools) Patterned Daylily. Caramel with rhubarb multicolored, patterned eye which extends onto the sepals. The petals are trimmed in a rhubarb ruffled edge, with a white starburst extending from the center of a yellow green throat.

$75 DF
‘Irish Prince’ (16-924-bf) TET M RE EV 36″ 7.5″ 5 way branching 28 buds (Irish Royalty x Unknown) a striking raspberry wine daylily with a yellow green starburst center. The yellow extends out onto the sepals. The petals are edged with a yellow ruffle and tiny teeth can be seen. The flower takes on a velvet look and feel.

$75 DF
‘Talquin’s Ripples and Dimples’ (16-593A1-bf) TET M RE SEV. 28″ 6.5″ 3 way branching 18 buds (Delaney’s Rainbow x Venetian Pools) Petals and Sepals are a golden yellow with a wine, multicolored patterned eye. A deep golden buttercup center. The petals and sepals normally are quilled crispate. Unusual looking flower which draws you into its beauty. The look that kept drawing both of us back to it over and over.

LIMITED and a waiting list ($90 DF)
Sassy Sharon’ (16-775A-bf) TET M RE EV 35″ 6.75″ 3 way branching 16 buds (Waves of Joy x Venetian Pools) One may ask how this patterned beauty got such a name..long story short after a dear friend. For all who know her, she can be a little sassy at times. It is a good sassy, and she means a lot to us. She and “brother” as she calls Bruce has a thing for patterns..what better way than to say thank you for your friendship. The flower itself is a apricot tan with a mauve patterned eye which extends onto the sepals. The petals are trimmed with a thin mauve edge and lightly ruffled. It has a yellow green throat.

$90 DF
‘Covid Kaleidoscope’ (16-653A1-bf) TET EM EV RE 32″ 7.25″ 4 way branching 16 buds extended blooming (Waves of Joy x Venetian Pools) What a crazy year 2020 has been. This patterned daylily deserved the name to represent the year of “COVID”…CRAZY PATTERNS. It is a gold copper with multicolored patterned eye. A white starburst extends through the pattern from the center to the tip of the petals. The multicolor extend out onto the sepals. The stamens are an interesting green and purple as in the pattern.

$100 DF
‘Talquin’s Hot Dang’ (16-702-bf) TET M RE EV 31″ 7″ 3 way branching 18 buds (Delaney’s Rainbow x Venetian Pools) That is all you can say when you see this flower, hot dang! The petals and sepals are rose with wine, multicolored patterned eye. The petals are lightly ruffled, and stamens are a rich burgundy. The star shaped lime green throat, tiny as it may be, draws your eyes inward. Yet another eye-catching patterned daylily.

$100 DF
‘Amazing Kaleidoscope’ (16-661B1-bf) TET EM EV 28″ 6.5″ TO 7″ 3 way branching 18 buds (Waves of Joy x Venetian Pools) There is a lot going on with this patterned daylily. It is hard to describe how it radiates from the center outwards on both the petals and sepals. It is a coral bisque with purple plum multicolored patterned eye which extends onto the sepals. The blue gray starburst explodes from the very center of the lime green throat and on the sepals as well. The petals are lined with a very thin thread of blue gray. Truely an amazing kaleidoscope of colors.

$100 DF
‘Sworn to Secrecy’ (17-104-bf) TET M RE 32″ 6.5″ TO 7″ 5 way branching 24 buds (Seedling x Seedling) True to its name…we are both sworn to secrecy. Have you ever rounded the corner of the seedling field and at the other end is one of those electrifying colors standing tall and firm? Your mouth falls open and you floor the pedal on the cart to go quickly. Then you run all over the garden looking for Bruce to see this striking beauty. Measuring tapes out, phone camera’s snapping, papers out and Bruce is saying, “No Way”. So now you know why we are Sworn to Secrecy. It is a coral gold flower with rustic red and cream multicolored patterned eye with a large lime green throat that extends onto the sepals. The petals are lightly ruffled and thinly lined in rustic red. The stamens are as striking as the flower itself and only adds to its beauty.

The total price of the collection has been reduced $955.