PART 3: Seedlings Busting Out Everywhere

Hey everyone!!! Welcome to another Blog post from Kathy’s Daylilies!!! We are so excited to bring this to you today.  Our 2016 seedlings began blooming April 2017.   We have been very pleased with what we have seen.  From color, to patterns, doubles, cute small flowers and many large blooms.  The scapes have amazed us.  Many have made it to another year to see how they do.  Many did not… still pretty, but not what we were looking for or too much like what is already on the market.  We are looking for the one that knocks your socks off… so to speak.

     The rest of this blog is pictures of some of the seedlings that made it for another years bloom.  Now it is time to start the new process over.  All the pods have been gathered, tagged, logged in, and refrigerated.  The next blog will show our new beginnings of the 2017 seedling year.  Enjoy the blooms of the possible next future introductions

Until NEXT TIME, thank you for visiting… Kathy’s Daylilies ❤


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